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Thursday, June 08, 2006

back at work

I haven't posted lately, but I am back at work. Yay! And keeping busy. :)

For some reason I cannot log in to blogger at work, and then when I
get home I want to spend every second with the little girl (and also
have housework, paperwork, phone calls to return, etc.) so I haven't
wanted to update there. When I did get a chance, blogger was down!
Finally today I realized I should just write what I want and email it
to myself, then post it at home later.

It was an adjustment, going back to work. Here is the routine from
the past few days: Wake up at around 6:30, feed Lauren, put her back
to sleep next to her Daddy, pump, disinfect the pump parts and set
them to dry, walk Jake (ok, sometimes I skip this and let Ryan do it),
feed Jake, shower, get ready, pack the pump parts, go to work. Do my
work, around 10:30, pump, then disinfect parts, etc. At 1:30 pump
again. At 5:30, get home, feed the little girl. (She takes a long
time to eat because there's not much for her at that point.) Make
dinner, go work out (every other day, if it's not in the morning,
which happens when I wake up before 6:00 a.m.), hang out with Ryan &
my dad, then go to sleep around 10:30.

It's weird (in a good way!) being back and not being pregnant, because
the entire time I've been in this job I've been pregnant. I feel like
I've been operating at half strength. It used to really bother me
that the parking lot was so far away from my office, and that I had to
wait for an elevator because I'd park on the 6th floor. Now, I just
take the stairs with my extra energy and don't mind.

Also, smells don't bother me as much as before. Now I can walk by the
stinky bathroom on the 1st floor and not gag. And better yet, I can
sprint up the stairs and use the 3rd floor one. :)


digital janitor said...

Did you know that you can email the posts into blogger?

Brighter Schemata said...

thanks for the tip, i will try that!