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Friday, June 09, 2006

"The Crap"

I call The Gap, "The Crap" now because of how their clothes wear out.
In mid-April I went to the Gap Outlet to get some elastic-waisted
clothes (not willing to buy post-maternity clothes in plus sizes to
only wear for a few weeks!). I forgot my anti-Gap stance (bad
sweatshop exploiters) in my delight at seeing the cheap prices. You
get what you pay for. Now less than 2 months later, the clothes are
absolutely falling apart. The black pants have faded to a brownish
gray color, the elastic on the skirt is so stretched that I could get
pregnant again and wear them until the due date (in fact it is too big
to wear without the danger of mooning someone!) and all the clothes
are pilling.

The weird thing is, we've received Baby Gap gifts as gifts for Lauren
and they're holding up just fine. Maybe it's the gentle washing with baby
detergent. They look very cute and are practically designed. As Ryan
says "Made BY and FOR babies!". I can only hope they are less
sweat-shop-tastic now than in my college days, because I like their
kids' clothes. But forget about their adult stuff. The CRAP!

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