Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Sweet! a 26 month Lauren update

Lauren's been very sweet this past month. She loves giving out compliments and saying nice things about people. "You a nice guy, Papa"and "pretty Mama", etc. She's learned to say"sorry" when she hurts people, and makes a sympathetic pout face with big eyes when she says it, at the same time sticking out her hand with her thumb in front in a "who, slow down" kind of gesture.

She's not just talking a lot more but remembering lots of details even I'd forgotten. She had a 2 year old playdate one day and I was telling my mom about it but I'd forgotten the name of the little boy she decided she was going to marry. Lauren said "Zachary" and then told me "remember? Thomas was there? And Anna? And we played?". This was 3 weeks ago and she only met those kids once!

We decided it was time she saw a full length movie, so we rented "The Sound of Music" and I sat and watched it with her. She calls it "the kids dancing movie" and she wanted to watch it over and over again. When we had to return it to Hollywood Video and explained that it was back at the store, she looked at me like I was dense and said "Well go back there and get it again!"

She's taken quite a renewed interest in Paco the fish and she insists everyone go and "talk to Paco. You tell Paco something." We all get bored of this game pretty fast. This week Paco's got a friend visiting-our neighbor Sandra asked us to watch her beta fish, Simon. He's in a separate bowl on the same bookshelf as Paco.

Jake's had a lot of health problems this month (more in another post) and Lauren refuses to entertain the thought that he's sick. "He's fine. The doctor fix him." And Lauren herself is sick right now, with croup/cold. She was thrilled to go to the doctor, who she describes as "nice lady. She helps me get better like Jake's doctor helps him."

And on Saturday, the big first-Lauren had her first haircut. She has been going around saying "the doctor cuts your hair off!" (now that I think about it, she might get that idea because Jake's fur is shaved for the IV after his surgeries) and we explained, that it is not a doctor but a hairdresser. She didn't want to go, but I told her it was a special place for ladies to go and that piqued her interest. She loves being a lady and a "girly-girl" and being around other grown-up ladies. We do "ladies having tea" at Akasha or Casino Bakery or other places nearby aboutonce a week and it's her favorite treat.

Anyway, back to the haircut, she got about 1 inch trimmed,and we saved the curls for her scrapbook (or what would be one if I were into that sort of thing)

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