Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Something different": A 25 month Lauren update

The past few days, Lauren's been saying "something different", as in "I want to eat something different", "Let's play something different", "Let's go someplace different". Lately, she's been looking through her toys and reaching for the high ones on the top shelf that haven't been played with. Today she asked for a box of Legos ("Mama, play with me! Play with the pony playground!"). Instead of baths, she likes to take showers. And she can climb out of the bathtub herself. ("I do it myself!") Today she washed her own hands proudly("myself!") for about 20 minutes.

She's getting better about sharing. This weekend, she played at Alexa's house and later she talked about "nice, pretty Suzy", that "nice man, Alex" and "my best buddy Alexa, she's a good friend". Alexa shared toys with Lauren very nicely, so Lauren agreed to reciprocate next time Alexa comes over. Lauren has now named two dolls in her honor, but she's decided to name the smaller one "Alexa Dorothy" so she doesn't get them mixed up.

She loves to run around and has become much more coordinated this month. She likes to "help" and I give her tasks and missions. She will take a Diet Coke to Daddy, or get me a towel while I'm in the shower, or painstakingly fill Jake's dogfood bowl 3 kernels at a time. She badly wants to feed Pacoo the fish, but I won't let her because she'd dump in too much (and too often!). She still likes to bring toys to Jake, shoving them into the bars of his kennel, so I just know she'd want to drop things into Pacoo's bowl "for him to play with". He's kept out of reach.

She still loves to read, and Arthur books are her favorite these days. She likes not just to read the books but to point to everything in the pictures and describe them. "Arthur's mommy. Pal the dog. I love Pal! He's a good dawg". But at night when she's getting ready for bed, she always asks for either "Mommy born", " 'phia story", or "Lauren born", etc. She invents excuses to try to get out of bed. Usually feigns thirst or hunger, but I've been setting sippy cups of milk by the bed in advance or offering to send D-Daddy-O downstairs to get things and she always replies with "I come. Carries!" "Carries" is another word she made up that means "carry me, please!". (Two other made up words: "passo" for pacifier and "milk-oo0000-bah" for really delicious milk) So if she says that, we know she is just stalling. She also says "carries" when she doesn't want to be in the "strolloo".

A not so cute trait-she still likes/needs/requires to twirl my hair if she gets upset or has trouble falling asleep. Her increased strength means she pulls out more of it and it HURTS! I tried to have a talk with her about but her response was ""I love haiw. Ooooh, haiw. Haiwy Mama!".
So she doesn't really prononce her "r"s. She calls herself "Lawyen".

She watches so much Elmo (every night Ryan watches a DVD with her when he gets home) that she's developing a really strong New York accent. She says "Jakey's a good DAWG. I love DAWGS. DAWGIES are my fwends."

She likes to order me around- "you will read!"- and then I arch one eybrow and she adds "please! pleasey pleasey please!" There's been some drama lately around here about a spot that opened up for her at the daycare at my office, but then my department is not ready for me to work the full 40 hours a week again so we had to let it go (but still on the waitlist for later). She overheard me talking about it and she told me "Mama, I'm your boss. You work here. You will stay. You Papa's boss!" and also "I no like Bo". Bo is my boss, who is very sweet to Lauren and note, I have never said anything bad about my boss! Lauren just doesn't like the idea of me having a boss!

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