Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Vote for my Auto-dialer!

Today for the 3rd time, Bernard Parks' autodialer called me. Interestingly, I'm not even in his district (South Central Los Angeles). The oh-so-helpful message was that postage rates had increased and he wanted me to be aware that I could purchase Forever Stamps next time, to avoid the increase. What, he works for the postal system now? He should work for the phone company instead, then he wouldn't call three times to the same household. And at the end of the message, of course, he wanted my vote in his election for L.A. County Board of Supervisors.

Frankly, anyone who comes across as that idiotic doesn't get my vote. If I was even in his district, and I even cared about postal rate hikes, he should have contacted me (once) before the rate hikes. But then, I was telling someone (who shall remain anonymous unless she chooses to post a comment here outing herself) about the call, and she said "what, postal rates went up? Why didn't anyone tell us? I've been using the same stamps all week!" So, maybe he was helpful after all.

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