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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Celebrity Sighting!

I tend not to be too excited about seeing celebrities but the past month, I've had two really cool sightings. A few weeks ago, I saw Al Bundy on my street (he was coming from the playhouse with some buddies and he did that "hey what's up"nod of the head, which I think celebrities do when someone on the street glances at them, because sometimes subconsciously for that first few seconds, you are thinking "where do I know him from?". As your brain is processing the information, they don't want you to voice the words and have an unnecessary interaction with them when they're just trying to get on about their day. So, they do the "hey buddy" sort of nod of the head. The same kind of acknowledgment you'd give someone you knew very casually.

Anyway, so I got the celebrity head nod from Al Bundy last week and I saw Ron Livingston at lunch today. He was even better looking in person than he is in Office Space. He looked really, really good. Flawless features, great hair, seemed like a nice person (or at least did not have any tantrums in public like a certain person we shall get to in moments!). And, we were at a vegan restaurant so good karma, too! Be still my heart!

Oh, and the poor guy was just having lunch with a friend at the next table and had to put up, not people swarming him for autographs, we were all subtle and didn't bother him or otherwise interact...the guy (and everyone else around)had to put up with Lauren crying and saying "I want my nap NOW!!!!!!" So Ron, if you ever google yourself and find this blog entry, I want to apologize on my toddler's behalf, and hope the brief encounter does not sour you on having children in the future and passing along your stunningly handsome good looks to the gene pool.

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