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Friday, January 04, 2008

New project

I'm participating in my friend Steve's "366" project, where 10 people each take a picture a day and post it. Check it out here. My own personal rules for myself are to upload one picture per day, that I took that same day, myself, with my own camera. My own suggestion to myself is to not post pix of Lauren b/c I have enough of them here. And I might not otherwise think to take shots of say, a lemon on a tree, or buildings I pass in my neighborhood. Hence the joke to myself, "Low Hanging Fruit" as the title of one photo. The real low hanging fruit would be my own baby, right in front of my eyes all day, but that's not my project.

Lately, though, the challenge has been that I forget to take my camera with me while I'm out, so I have to use the one on my phone. The pix I posted today & the day before yesterday were from my phone. Not too too bad, considering they're from a cell phone, but not great either. And take a look at some of the shots other people took that are just breathtaking. I can't do those, so I'll just have to hope mine have somewhat of a sense of humor, or convey visually what I've been up to that day.

To appease the grandparents, I've got a good Lauren pic or two coming up here in the next post...

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