Tuesday, January 01, 2008

21 month Lauren update

This morning, Lauren said "I wish a bath. Please" in a very regal voice. Later tonight she said the sentence, "None of that!" in response to a few foods offered to her. So we are smack in the middle of the vocabulary explosion. She can now voice opinions, mimic people, and even sing songs (she likes to sing "hmm, hmm Thumbkin" to sooth herself to sleep, but then she'll beg me to take over. "Song, please. Thumbkin. Jacques-ah" ("Where is Thumbkin?" and "Frere Jacques" are set to the same tune)

She had a wonderful holiday season looking at "yites" and penguins and "Shanta". By the end of the month, she learned the difference between snowmen and penguins. Previously, she would correct me and say confidently, "no, penguin, penguin!" if you tried to show her a snowman. Now, "snowman" is one of her stuffed animals that she sleeps with. The other 3 are "Amy, Becky, and Penguin". If one is missing, she notices and asks for it by name. She has also give interesting names to her new penguins and teddy bears. TeeBo the teddy bear, Pedro the penguin pillow, Bobby the small penguin, DeeDee, the biggest penguin, and Kenga the stuffed kitten.

She has started to learn about flattery, and often starts and ends the day by stroking my hair and saying "pretty momma, pretty hair, pretty eyes." She likes to say "hand" and take my hand, or her grandpa's, dad's, etc. and lead one of us around to show us something. She is particularly fond of taking us "outshide". If she gets stuck or can't reach something, she politely asks for "hep, please". She likes to get into things she's not supposed to, and sometimes if you ask what she's up to, she'll happily respond- "mischief!" and laugh.

A few nights ago I was having dinner at my parents' house and when I reached over to grab something, the folding chair I was sitting on collapsed and broke. I landed hard on the floor and in a bit of pain. Lauren burst out crying and was inconsolable until I got up and she made sure that I was okay. She also doesn't like to watch one scene in a Baby Einstein video where a bug gets squashed. She doesn't like to see anyone in pain or even (Jake) disciplined or yelled at.

She is still very much a Momma's girl. We giggle and whisper "secrets" while we're getting ready for sleep. Sometimes she will say "happy, happy!" and sigh contentedly. There is always a dramatic pause while she removes her pacifier, pulls my hair and gets right close to my ear, the whispers it and gives me a kiss.

Her legs are getting long and filling out her 2T pants and even sometimes 3Ts. For Christmas from Uncle Pete, she got some light-up sneakers (size 7 1/2, wow!) and she likes to dance around in them so that they light up. Her hair is getting more curly and if I don't brush it while wet, more wild and bedhead-y. She still has the stye on her eye, which we now know is actually a chalazion. The ophthamologist said that she has 3 of them, that they are harmless and can take up to 9 months to go away, and that there is not much we can do for them beyond warm compresses, which she will not tolerate. They don't bother her at all.

She's not making much progress on the potty training front, still wearing her cloth diapers and still not showing an interest in being a "big girl". Babies get all the perks, and she realizes this.

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