Thursday, November 29, 2007


So Lauren and Mina are officially pedigreed. Kate and I went down this morning to get the official copies of their birth certificates. Only took 19 months for me to get around to it! Now she can get her passport one of these years...

Mina was very cute and slept most of the time, but she smiled at Lauren at one point. Kate was adorable, too.

In other news, lots has been happening but probably most noteworthy: we took L to her first professional basketball game, which also was our first professional basketball game. We saw the Clippers vs. the Rockets. Man, Yao is tall! I had to google Dan Dickau later to find out if he was truly short and midgety or if he just appeared so next to him. Dickau is 6 feet exactly.

In other excitement, I found out today that my employment contract has been extended another year. Since I'm this weird hybrid of semi-university employee and semi-contractor, it's a good thing. I don't have to pay my own taxes or anything, but then again I don't get health insurance or other benefits. But it was this way last year, too. And I get to work in my pajamas as ever. I have never in my adult life earned so small of paychecks but then again, I've averaged only 20-30 hours per *month* total. My hourly isn't bad, I just don't have many hours. I've had some interesting freelance offers come my way lately (and fulltime offers too. BTW, what is the deal with me and job karma and Pasadena?! I've out of the blue gotten calls from 3 separate Pasadena employers wanting to hire me! No thanks, I'm not looking to spend over 2 hours a day on the road commuting, but how random is that? All in the same city by people who each knew separate people I used to work for who recommended me. Can someone recommend me for Sony, please, so I can walk to work?!)

Alright, I'm veering off on side tangents having nothing to do with the subject of this post, so I'll stop...

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