Thursday, November 01, 2007

19 month Lauren update

Laurenific is 19 months old today. Let's see what's different this month since last month...
2 constant companions: Amy and Penguin. (doll and stuffed animal who sleep with her and play with her and yes, even breast feed from me per her request.) An obsession with pumpkins. A transition to cloth diapers and more experiments with the potty. A doubled affection for "Dee Dad" and a if he's not there when she wants him, outraged cries of "MY daddy" implying you had offered someone else's. New skills: drawing with crayons (but then still trying to eat them). Easily and effortlessly stacking blocks, no longer having the necessity to knock them down immediately afterwards. Walking up and down steps by herself holding a hand or the railing, without scooting on her butt to do it. Finishing mother goose rhymes and making up her own ("Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of..." "Wah wah" "...Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling..." "later!")

A love for: rice (fairly new), Jake (continued and redoubled), Frankie (neighbor's new puppy), "Doolee" (Julie, our neighbor, whose door Lauren likes to bang on), purses (mine and her own) and lately...saved the best for last...MONEY! Yes, the little capitalist child loves the green stuff and the shiny coinage. She will get very excited if she sees it and she'll say "Money! Please? Please! Money!". She likes to be the one to pay at the store (on rare occasions we use cash) and she no longer tries to eat cash. She still loves to carry around "The Motley Fool Investment Guide".

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