Monday, November 19, 2007

the 1800's around here again

On Friday our phone & DSL went down again. This required several calls to AT & T to get it fixed, and of course I was routed to India. The phone reps with their calm, overly polite demeanor annoy me so much! They had a voice activated system. They would ask questions requiring a yes or no answer, and Lauren, nearby, thought it was funny to shout "no" so that eventually I got routed into business billing questions or somesuch place. Anyway, when I did finally get to the right person, while I was on hold with my connection issues question, they played all sorts of "did you know?" messages all about how I could get help on their website. Well, duh, if I could get ON their website, I wouldn't be calling them with connectivity issues!

1 comment:

MplsMel said...

Gotta love VRU jail/hell. It seems like everyone does that these days.

You must be back online again (since you blogged). Glad to see it!