Friday, November 16, 2007


A few nights ago, Steve & Melissa came over for dinner and Ryan was telling them Jake stories. I told them, "it's like Ryan is Seinfeld and Jake is Newman." That was on Monday evening. Lauren was there, evidently listening. We didn't talk about it again, but out of the blue yesterday, she pointed at Jake and said "Newman!" and then laughed.

She also has a lot of books memorized. To quiz her, I will stop right before a word and she'll finish it for me. But she still slurs words like a toddler, so that often I am the only one who understands her (other times, it's perfectly clear). "Boon" is balloon, "tak ew" is thank you, "wawa" is water, etc. We went to Ryan's aunt's house on Monday and when their new dog came running up, Ryan was racking his brain trying to remember the dog's name and Lauren (who had only seen the dog twice) said "Nimo!" So she is listening, and she doesn't miss much!

Tonight we were talking about Todd (who got in a car accident today, but is fine) and Lauren said "Todd, Todd, TODD!" perfectly. When I started to ask "who is Todd's girlf-", she interupted, "Jenna!" and then continued "Todd! T!". Don't know if she was spelling his name, or if she wants to have a tea party with Todd. =) Either way, we are glad to hear Todd is okay!

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