Friday, September 22, 2006

Who I Wish I Looked Like

I wish I looked like her.

I am getting closer because my hair is getting darker, but it's not that dark yet.

Studio 60 is pretty good, from what I saw of the pilot. Didja know you can get it at Netflix? Also the pilot for Jeremy Sisto's new show "Kidnapped". I wish I liked Kidnapped. I was hoping it would be the new "24" for us (back in the early years we used to watch it with K8 & Mrk) but I didn't get into it. Maybe it will take a few more episodes to grow on me, or maybe it's just not that good.

What new shows do you like? Please comment.


Kelly said...

I've gotten into Standoff a little. That's really the only new show I've watched so far. The season premiere of My Name is Earl was really good. And I've taped Shark, but haven't watched it yet.

stud-horse said...

All I care is that South Park returns on October 4th, and I will subscribe to it via my (sadly neglicted) iPod, since I don't have cable.