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Friday, September 01, 2006

Lauren's first Dodger game

On Wednesday night, we took Lauren to her first baseball game, Dodgers vs. Reds. We left at the top of the 8th inning but we found out later the Dodgers won. RM gave Lauren a pink Dodger bat which she has in her nursery, but she didn't bring it. She wore a pink Yankies onsie to the game, along with her pink teddy bear baseball hat. She had a great time but she got a little scared when people cheered loudly. At one point she cried until she saw I was smiling and it was okay, and then she smiled and wiggled like she was cheering. In the car on the way home we were all very tired and Lauren got a case of the giggles so we all laughed with her. Mid-giggle, she fell asleep! I think she takes after me-when I'm very tired I can get punchy and the slightest thing will set me off laughing and I can't stop. She seems to be the same way & it's very contagious. Watch out if we're both tired!

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