Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blonde hair, green eyes

I looked at Lauren today and realized suddenly that her hair has grown in a lot this week and it's blonde. Half the strands are a white-blonde color and some are yellowish. There's some light brown in back. So she's got highlights! I was sure sure she'd be a redhead. (Maybe her sister or brother will>)

Also her denim-blue eyes are turning green!

These days she's wearing size 9-12 months and she can completely sit up by herself. Her favorite thing is to "swim" in the bathtub, doing the backstroke and kicking. She can stay in the bath for an hour at a time. She also likes music, still a big reggae fan. I played some They Might Be Giants the other day (their new children's album) and it got her giggling.


bertsmom said...

"sister or brother"? Am I missing something here?

bertsmom said...

why can't I make comments without being censored all of a sudden?

bertsmom said... I get it after checking back to the recent posts I understand why you are being selective.

Brighter Schemata said...

I should say MAYBE SOMEDAY (in about 4 years) her sister or brother will.