Friday, September 08, 2006

Join our club and swap paperback books for FREE -

I just joined this morning and already people wanted 3 of my books, and there were 2 books that I wanted. I went through my Amazon wish list and Ryan's and entered it book by book so that if anyone has a book I want, they'll mail it to me for free. There are no fees beyond postage mailing my own books to other people. The books I had which people wanted: a cookbook, a book about organizing, and a book called "how to make a new mom happy".

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bertsmom said...

it's an interesting idea although when I checked out some ideas for books I might want to read they were not available so I just might wait a bit and see if you continue to like it. I will pass on the info. to people who used to be in my bookclub. Thanks, Brie!