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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sweet Lauren

Lauren is SMILING and GIGGLING a lot! I love it! It's funny how she smiles, it's like she's teaching herself how. First she opens her mouth really wide like a baby robin. Then she turns the corners up in a giant grin, then her eyes crinkle. Then she laughs. And then even if her mouth does something else, like take a pacifier, her eyes stay crinkled and happy looking, and sometimes she laughs so big that her mouth has to open and the pacifier falls out. She smiles the most in the morning after she's just eaten, and in mid-day when we're cuddling or playing with her infant toys.

She also has her "first words". We know she really is just making baby gurgling sounds and doesn't correlate the sounds to their meaning, but it's fun to pretend. She says "uh-huh" and "uh-uh". Sometimes they even make sense in the context of your conversation with her. Ryan swears she shook her head no and said "uh-uh" when he offered her the bottle and she didn't want it. And when my mom was talking to her on the phone and asked if she had a fun day, she said "uh-huh".