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Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy first Mother's Day, 1 day late, to me and Suzy and Leora and Gabi and Kari and anyone else I am forgetting who had their first baby this year. And to the old-timer moms who are pros at this parenting stuff by now, too! And of course to my own mother and mother-in-law and to various maternal aunts, etc...okay, I will stop the list. Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

Lauren's gift to me was that she chose Mother's Day to do her first interactive giggly smiles right at me while making eye contact. It was so cute! Ryan also got me some shoes and a book, and he's paying for us to get our family portrait done and some professional pictures of Lauren by herself, which is what I really wanted most of all.

The book and shoes were a nice gift, I picked them out so they were just perfect! ;) One good surprise about having Lauren is that I feared my feet would get bigger in pregnancy or afterwards. I dreaded going up because I'm already a size 10, which is fine on a 5'9" person, probably a good proportion, but once you go ABOVE that size, it's "special order" time and a lot of hassle. I almost never see size 10 1/2 shoes. Luckily this growth spurt did not happen, although it happened to my mom and to other people I've heard of. But man, I would have lost my whole shoe wardrobe! Such a close tragedy averted!

I'm not Imelda Marcos, but I do confess to a love affair with Kenneth Cole and flings and flirtations with Nine West, Bass, and a long-distance love affair with the LLBean catalog shoe page. Uncle Peter's gift to Lauren (one of many) was a box containing her first shoe wardrobe. She got some tiny white sneakers that say "soccer", some black Mary Janes, pink sneakers, gray flannel clog looking shoes, and something else I am forgetting since the box is in the other room and not in my field of vision. So there's hope that this may instill in her an interest in footware and I may have a shoe-shopping buddy in the coming years! (Besides Jenna, I mean, who has done an admirable job thus far!)

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stud-horse said...

Alexa always kicks her shoes off, and if she gets the chance, will kick her socks off as well. We've given up on shoes for her for now, until she's a little older.

For Mother's Day I went to "American Girl Place" at The Grove with Suzy and Alexa. You, Jenna, and Lauren should check it out, it's the girliest girly girl place you can image - and it has lots of shoes (though they are for dolls, of course).