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Monday, May 08, 2006

dishwasher info

this is gonna be a quick little post so i can throw away a scrap of paper where i have this stuff written down. we need to get a new dishwasher because the crappy one that came with the condo and looks like it was made in 1981 when our place was built, doesn't work very well. it pretty much just disinfects dishes, not really washes them. anyway, i happen to have a very good childhood friend whose dad owns an appliance store. (well actually i have 2 childhood friends whose dads own appliance stores!) so per my parents' advice, i called him to ask what he thought i should get. here is his advice:

Get Whirlpool or Frigidaire, since Whirlpool now owns a bunch of other brands that are really made by Whirpool (I think he said KitchenAid, Maytag and Kenmore) so you might as well save a little money and get the Whirlpool, rather than pay for the KitchenAid advertising, etc. The crappy one we have now is a "Hotpoint" and he doesn't recommend that brand, nor GE. He says for $325 we should be able to get a decent dishwasher and that the new ones out now will all wash our dishes, not just disinfect, and for our purposes we won't really notice much difference if we spend more.

if you love or hate your dishwasher, please post in the comments with the info or email me. i'm not gonna get around to buying a new one for another week at least. thx! :)


bertsmom said...

love my whirlpool, my second. Paid a lot for another(for got the name...maybe Maytag) and it wasn't worth the extra money..would never, ever get another Fridigare, doubtful for GE considering my latest problems with that company regarding the fridge. Hope you can find a Whirlpool since when we last looked had a hard time finding one which is why we didn't buy a 3rd Whirlpool in the first place.

Jax said...

In our first house we bought a standard dishwasher with a built in garbage disposal. I think we paid around $450. I can’t remember the brand but I want to say it was Whirlpool. This dishwasher was awesome. It would clean just about anything. In our newest house we decided to take out the existing four year old dishwasher because it was loud and ugly. We replaced it with something quite and top of the line, a stainless steel Sears Kenmore Elite. The dishwasher looks sweet, is quite, but its cleaning performance is pitiful. I have to check every dish, every time, with most loads needing a few items rewashed. It’s definitely not worth $950. Your friends dad is right, more money does not equal better in the dishwasher world.

digital janitor said...

Bosch. Ze Germans know how to build a dishwasher.