Monday, June 13, 2011

10% project: other clothes

So if you were wondering how the 10% project is coming, I'm almost done with the closet and moving on to the dresser.  A side benefit to doing this is I now have an inventory (sort of) that I could always use for insurance purposes if I ever need to.  I'm also wondering how my junk compares with the "average" American woman.  Sometimes I feel like I have barely any clothes (when I'm getting dressed and thinking "I have nothing to wear!") but other times (moving, doing massive amounts of laundry!) it does feel like a lot.

I found this article saying that the average American woman has 19 pairs of shoes, but really only wears 4 pair.  I would have to say I don't wear only 4 pair, and would feel limited by 15 pair.  What do you think?:

So here are the #s at this point:
I had 71 tops (sweaters, T-shirts, shirts, blouses, cardigans, light jackets) and got rid of 18
I had 23 pants & 3 skirts , got rid of 2 pants and 1 skirt
 (Wow it feels weird to only have 2 skirts!)
I had 26 dresses and got rid of 3
I had 25 nightgowns/bathrobes/pajamas and got rid of 5

Still to do: socks/undies/bras, handbags/dufflebags, books, art supplies, plants, makeup.  I am not doing every single category of things I own because, for example, I don't want 10% less diamonds or 10% less of something that we'll eventually consume, like food or shampoo. 

The process has been interesting.  I made myself try on everything I was keeping, and some things really didn't look good on me, even though I'd had them awhile, I'd been looking bad in them all this time!  And I found some other things I'd forgotten about but really should wear more often, like some gray jeans that fit perfectly.  With babies/pregnancy/breast-feeding, weightloss and gain, there were some things I was keeping to fit into that I chucked because even if I lost weight, they weren't so great that I should hang on to them.

And I found some stained things which I soaked in Oxiclean, one coat which I sent to the cleaners and also have to sew a button on (it was my grandmother's, is a classic grey peacoat and both fits me and reminds me of her.).  And the funniest thing I found was way back in the corner of the closet, a brand new with tags maternity shirt!  Won't be needing that one!

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