Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shopping Find: Organic Baby Food

Found this organic baby food at the 99 cent store in Mar Vista, at 49 cents each.  Seems to be a great deal, except it was a waste of a few dollars for me.  I picked up some in peach and a few in apple, but William does the "yuck face" at both.  Maybe it will help some of you, though!

Last week William reached past me and grabbed some steamed kale from my "voluptuous veggie pizza" at Native Foods and when I mentioned it to his pediatrician, she told me that in her experience, second babies often don't like baby food.  She said it's fine to feed him pretty much anything we eat, except to avoid nuts until about 10 months, and no milk until 1 year.  Cheese is fine and "he'll probably really like it".   With his sister's love of sharp cheddars, feta, etc., I have no doubt he will follow in her footsteps.

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