Tuesday, May 31, 2011

10% project: shoes

I have this half-baked feng-shuish idea lately that if I can start decluttering and get rid of 10% of my junk then I will also lose 10% of my weight and have 10% more money saved...and be 10% happier?  (I don't take myself seriously, so please don't take me seriously here, it's just a fun little diversion)

So to start, day 1 of "the 10% project":  10% less shoes.  I took down my shoes and counted them and cleaned them out.  I have amassed 38 pair of shoes + 3 loose single shoes.  This includes 3 slippers, 1 pair of rain boots, 2 Crocs, and 1 pair of roller skates. I have no idea if this is excessive or not.  My husband thinks so!  But some of my femal friends seem to have way more.  (Ahem, JR!) And others are more zen-like and have maybe 10 pair.  Most guys seem to have: dress shoes, sneaks, flipflops and loafers.
Anyway, here's the "before" picture of the pile of shoes I dumped out on my bed:

I got rid of a pair of never-worn brown heels that pinch my toes, black pair of black LLBean loafer-sneaker thingees, a pair of "water shoes" for walking on tidepools or something that I have never worn, and I tossed a pair of white slippers that I got for free at a 5-star hotel in Italy.  The good shoes are going to UCLA Thrift Store.

Feeling lighter already!  What do you think?  How many shoes do you have, and how many is too many?  And could you get rid of 10% of yours?

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Fluffy Pink Duck said...

I have 12 pairs of shoes including 3 pairs of flip flops a pair of slippers and a pair of boots. I think I should get rid of the shoes I wore for my wedding & the pair as I wore when I was a bridesmaid they'll never get worn again by me as they were so uncomfy.