Thursday, May 26, 2011

William 6 month update

I took these pix yesterday. William is sitting up quite well now on his own and still enjoying his measuring spoons more than any other toy. This week he's been interested in cats and dogs, and squeals with joy when he sees one, and almost falls over with excitement. Just outside of the frame in these shots, is our neighbor's black Lab.

He's getting one tiny tooth on the bottom. It's pushed through the gums and the one next to it is going to erupt soon, too. He likes to gum everything in sight, including my arm or sleeve. He even gave me a little hickey the other day before I realized what was happening. He thinks the "drop" game is funny, and Lauren plays it somewhat more patiently than I do.

He is still babbling quite a bit. I was excited to hear him say his first meaningful word. When I asked him if he wanted water, he said "yeah wah wah". But he has not said it again since. Another time, Lauren was going on and on about how she only wanted one brother, this brother and right on cue, he said "Bill!"
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