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Monday, March 28, 2011

Nuts for Nutella

We've been on a Nutella streak around here, what with the big jar of it from the Nutella party through MomSelect.  Which is good and bad because I had to tell a little fib that it was all gone, to stave the incessant begging for it that was coming from an almost-5-year old's lips.  (It's secretly in the top of the cabinet behind the wine, shhh!)The stuff is addictive, though!

My personal history with Nutella is that years ago, before we went to Italy to visit cousins, we tried to find out what they didn't have in Italy, to bring them something uniquely American.  Peanut butter was suggested.  When we got there, no, they had access to peanut butter but they didn't like it as much as this hazelnut chocolate spread they put on sandwiches.  One taste of it and I could see why!  This was back in '96.  Since then, when I would see Nutella at European import stores, I would pick some up.  And it would last about half a day while we scarfed it down with Italian bread and pretended we were on vacation.

Now, you can find Nutella at Ralphs and other supermarkets, and the commercials for it seem to be everywhere.  Much easier than going to Italy or the import stores!   And much more affordable, it's under $4 for a jar of it. (Still looking for that great Italian bread, though!)

So, when Mom Select offered a Nutella party to get people to try it, and offered sample bags with Nutella water bottles, recipes, samples and coupons, how could I say no? 
Here is a photo of what was in a bag:
 One awesome idea they had for a breakfast was to take a whole wheat tortilla and spread Nutella and fresh fruit on it and roll it up.  This works for us because after quesedillas for dinner we always seem to have one or two leftover tortillas that go bad before we can do anything with them.

If you check out, they are having a contest right now to win a case of Nutella.  If you win, please invite me over to help eat it!  They also have a $1 off coupon and lots of ideas.  But it's not quite work safe, if you go, you may drool at your desk!  =)

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Vejune said...

i used to work at il fornaio bakery and they have amazing italian bread. unfortunately, there are no stand-alone bakeries anymore but if you go to a restaurant, you'll find a bakery of theirs attached. their michette rolls are amazing. i'd have one every morning with butter and honey. (no wonder i gained so much weight while working there...) their baci candy is amazing too...