Thursday, March 17, 2011

Last night in the mini co-sleeper!

As you can see, William outgrew his mini co-sleeper. Last photo is of him asleep a few minutes ago in the Graco "basinette" that Lauren used. His first time in it, hope he can sleep all night through! It's actually much bigger than what I think of basinettes as being; it's almost crib-sized. So he should last a few more months in this one! Though, we will miss the floor space we had with the mini.

Oh and that blue thing  he is wearing is a Halo Sleepsack, which I did not know about with Lauren O(who as this age in the hot months of summer) but which I now think is the greatest invention ever, no worrying about him kicking off covers or suffocating, but it keeps him warm!
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Sweet Coalminer said...

Anything that lets them sleep! Cheers!

Molly has yet to sleep *one minute* in her mini co-sleeper. Although we put the carseat in it and she has slept an hour in it here and there.