Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Lauren at the bus stop today

Lauren is the only member of the family who *loves* taking the bus. She will beg us "please, please PLEASE can we take the bus today?". Today, she got her wish. Ryan and I are still sharing one car so that is how we got her to school today. I do not know how people rely on the bus to get to work because the Big Blue Bus is supposed to come every 15 minutes but seems to come just whenever they feel like it. Today, for example, as we were waiting to cross the street, one bus passed us, followed about 1 minute later by another one, so we missed two in a row and then the next one didn't come for half an hour. It is so frustrating, waiting, feeling powerless. I miss having my car all to myself!

The current plan is, Ryan will take my car and I will get a new (used) one when we get our tax refund. So as you might expect, every day I check the mailbox anxiously, waiting for that check from Uncle Sam!
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