Thursday, February 10, 2011

William 3 month update

We had an appointment today for William's 3 month well visit and shots.  What 3 month shots?  You may be asking yourself that, because it turns out there are none scheduled for infants at 3 months!  The office made a mistake with the appointment and we should not have come back until he was 4 months.  His doctor was surprised to see us, and was nice and offered to refund our co-pay but we just saw her anyway as long as we were there.  I had her check his ears and listen to his heart.  She was impressed with his head strength.  He can hold up his own head really well, turn his neck and look around.  He can't sit up yet by himself, but he can balance if we hold him to a standing position and lightly support him.  In fact, that's one of his favorite "tricks" to do.

Vital stats of the visit:  17 pounds, 15 1/2 ounces (so in other words, 18 pounds if he would have eaten right before the appointment instead of after!), 26 inches tall, and 16 2/4 inch head.   This morning when I went to get him dressed, discovered that he'd had a growth spurt.  Almost none of his 3-6 month sized clothes still fit him.  He's in the 6 month and 9 month sizes comfortably.  Last week, I had to buy him new Robeez in the 6 month size since he'd outgrown the 0-6 month ones.  I got these, aren't they cute?

A few weeks ago, I bought him 2 little baby suits that were on sale, to wear to Aunt Andrea's wedding in July.  I wasn't sure what size he would be so I guessed and got 18 months and also a 24 months.  They didn't have anything smaller, this was Nordstrom Rack in the clearance section after the after-Christmas sale madness, so I was lucky to even find anything at all.  But he'll be styling this summer, if he keeps up this growth and fits into them.   And he looks like a little miniature banker!

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Vejune said...

your kids are going to be amazonian in size! haha! good to see they're healthy. :)