Wednesday, February 02, 2011

1 out of every 2...

Tonight I'm feeling a bit shocked because another couple that I know is divorcing.  That makes the fourth one I have found out about in the past few months.  Statistically, it shouldn't surprise me but yet they always seem to come out of nowhere.  It made me hug my husband a little tighter tonight and mental note to make sure not to take him for granted.  He's especially sainted in my eyes today because he watched both kids the whole day while I was in the office.  This is going to be our new routine, once a week for awhile.  We don't want to leave William with a babysitter outside of family/close friends until he's old enough to talk, if we can. 

Back to the friends, in two of the cases, they're "friendly" divorces where the wives wanted to have kids and the husband did not so they split up. I think the women thought they could convince their husbands, that they would change their minds eventually.  And sadly, I know both of these men would make great fathers, they are honorable, funny, loyal, great friends to me so I know these same traits would make them awesome dads.  But that is something they have to feel for themselves.  I hope they don't decide, years from now, that they should have had babies with their ex-wives.  But I don't tell them that I feel this way.  I just nod my head, smile, and listen while they talk about how "we wanted different things" and "it's really for the best".  

In another one of the cases, the husband had a whole secret life and the wife was completely devastated when she found out.  They have children, they're fighting bitterly for custody, it's very ugly.  It's the same old story you've seen on TV a million times, it's just shocking because they both seemed so nice.  You would think you could figure out "the type".  On TV it would be the guy with the shifty eyes, furtive glances, always "at work".  When you find out you actually knew this "type" it's a bit of a jolt. 

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