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Monday, February 07, 2011

Never a Dull Moment, just a dull blog posting!

Why is it that everything seems to happen at once?  Here is some of what's going on here from the past few days, any of which might make an interesting blog post if I had the energy and time to write about them instead of dealing with them: 

-car accident-(car totalled, ryan fine)
-dryer broken(wet laundry hanging everywhere all the time),
-baby teething(drool!) and preschooler teething (about to lose 3rd tooth)
-weird technical probs at work (switching servers, our main webpage had somehow gotten reset to a version from 2009.)

-break-in in my garage(stole neighbor's motorcycle) leading to me becoming somehow the HOA liason with LAPD,
-Dyson vacuum broke again (oh, I hate Dyson!)

So here's what we're doing about it: 
-Ryan on the phone with insurance companies, me and my dad on Craig's List for new used car
-Visited Fry's for dryer.  Yup, made that futile trip to Manhattan Beach but the MB store doesn't carry appliances and I'm not willing to go to Burbank for it.  Went to Best Buy, and, my parents decided to buy me the dryer for my birthday.
-Broke out the teething toys for William.  No teeth yet but lots of chewing and drool.  Lauren chewed on William's brand new Fisher Price teething ring and broke it within 30 seconds so that whatever nontoxic (let's hope!) liquid is inside came spurting out. 
-Emailed work people to fix problem and responded to all of the people who emailed me to notify of problem. 
-Met with officers from LAPD, assessed the methods thieves use to break in, meeting with welder tomorrow to get even more secure doors with metal boxes around the handles, organized HOA meeting for tomorrow, pricing security camera systems.
-The Dyson?  We *feel* like tossing the thing but I want to make Dyson suffer and honor their supposed 5 year warranty so I will make Ryan haul it to some repair center.  We're almost 3 years in and this is at least the 4th time it's lost suction.  Luckily I bought a back-up Meile at a secondhand store to use when the Dyson is in the shop (They kept it for *months* last time.  Our place would have been covered in layers of dust if I couldn't vaccuum during it!)

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