Sunday, May 23, 2010


It occured to me that now that I have been telling people in person and on Facebook, I haven't ever updated the blog to announce that we are expecting a brother for Lauren in early November!  So now some of the hints or comments or remarks about being tired, etc.  will make more sense!

We had an early scare with his heart skipping beats at the first ultrasound, which could have been a symptom of a genetic heart disease, or could have just been that it was developing a little bit late, but still healthy.  So, I transfered care to the high risk OB temporarily, I had another ultrasound a week later, it was fine, and then they did a CVS test to be sure it was not a genetic problem, and the test results came back-normal healthy male chromosomes.  Which the doctors were thrilled about because once in awhile CVS tests accidentally grab DNA from the mother, so if it says XX, they can never really be sure it's the baby's DNA.

Lauren figured out about the pregnancy early on.  She looked at me and said "hey, you've got my baby sister in your tummy!".  Then she insisted it was a girl and got very insulted when anyone would say it was really her brother.  Now that she's had a month to get used to the idea, she wants to name him "Charlie" (which is already the name of my grandfather, uncle, and cousin, so we won't be using it, even though I love them, the name feels "taken"!).  I have been calling him "Wrigley" as a joke because he is so wriggly and squirmy in there.  The ultrasound tech had quite a time doing the nuchal fold test because he would not hold still, and would much rather demonstrate his backflip technique than to be observed.  She did enough of a look to confirm the gender.  I was going to ask her to guess to see if she could tell yet and she could already clearly see it at the 14 week ultrasound.

Lauren vacilates between being excited about the baby and being jealous, which is all normal.  She's also mourning for the sister she won't get.  (Most likely-we only want to have 2 children so this is it, is the plan.)  She says she is going to pick out her brother's wardrobe and she's going to give him kisses and teach him to laugh.  That is, when she is not saying she wants to give him back to the hospital and get a sister instead!

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