Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Gear

When I think back on Lauren's babyhood, these are some of the items I really liked and either kept or will buy again:

Baby Wrap
Baby Einstein Exersaucer
Ergo Baby Carrier
Boppy Pillow
Bum Genius diapers

I'm sure there are others I liked, but there were a lot of completely forgettable items, too, that I could just as well have done without.  Babies come with a lot of gear!

Today, I was lucky enough to win tickets to "She's Having a Baby", Jayneoni Moore's baby shower event.  I really wanted to go, so I entered several contests and ended up winning 1 ticket on Bizzie Mommy and 2 tickets on Rockin' Mama.  I took Danielle and Vejune, two of my friends who are not yet parents and but both very interested in baby things and contemplating their own impending parenthood. (I'm not saying they're pregnant!  Just that one day in the next year or two...)

We had such a great time!  I bought a little outfit for $5 for Wrigley for coming home from the hospital.  We sampled cupcakes and PopChips and sipped iced tea.  We left with gift bags filled with all kinds of baby gear, samples of baby sunscreen, diapers, bottles, wipes, pacifiers, things like that.  Some of the vendors just didn't apply to me.  Wish they did, but I'm not going to be hiring an interior decorator to design my nursery.  (I'm going to be cramming Wrigley into Lauren's room and he'll have to deal with the pink and purpleness of it all! ) But some of the new products that have come out since Lauren was an infant are really intriguing.  Everything now is BPA free, and I'd gotten rid of the plastic things she had, not knowing if there was BPA in them.  So I have to start over again with bottles, pacifiers, feeding stuff, teeth toys.

This Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Play Sleeper looks great for how small and portable it is.  I have a co-sleeper I was going to use, and Lauren's old Laura Ashley bassinet but if they take up too much space, I might buy this:

The funny thing is that I bought a $20 raffle ticket on the way in, for some baby gear from the sponsors.  Of all the products I wandered around and looked at, the one thing I saw that I was most excited about and all set to actually buy ASAP when I got home, was a cute plastic ladybug toy caddy with a scoop that mounts on the shower wall, for bathtub toys.  Lauren needs something like this because her bathtub toys are a hot mess!

So the funny thing is, of all things, I won this item! 

But by far the coolest exhibit, V & D & I agreed, that we saw all day was the teething bling necklaces & bracelets from  They look nice and are safe for babies to chew on.  The owner gave me one, and I chose a pink one for Lauren to wear while she's holding Wrigley.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for any of these product reviews, but I did receive a free teething necklace anbd Bug Pod, and free tickets to the "She's Having a Baby" event.

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