Saturday, July 26, 2008

We won!! We won!!

Yesterday, after a 5 hour deliberation, the jury came back with the plaintiff's verdict! I am sooooo happy! No, I'm not going to "get rich" over this but the jury voted for full reimbursement of past medical bills and lost wages and for another amount as well. I won't see the money for awhile, the attorneys have to meet and negotiate expenses, etc. and that meeting isn't until September. I am just so relieved. There is a lot more I want to say about this but I'd rather wait to comment more specifically until everything's resolved and the check is in hand. But if you're interested, ask me in person and I can elaborate.

Oh, but one detail-my lawyer was a friend from UCSD who works out of SF and this was his first trial! So it was especially exciting to be there for his first win. He's been practicing law for 4 years or so and his cases always settled before this, or he'd been assisting on trials but this was his first on his own and he did a great job!

I have to say, besides the lawyers, obviously, another guy who's really benefitted from the trial is my dry cleaner! I had to wear 5 suits all week and now they all have to get cleaned. Usually I can be in jeans all day, I don't have a "dry clean only" lifestyle these days!

More importantly, I have my life back. It is such a weight off my shoulders not to have to worry any more about this, and about testifying and all of the money we'd spent on this and all of the time it sucked up. I mean, I had to worry about things like "oh no, I have pink eye, what if it doesn't go away before the trial and makes a bad impression on the jury?".

And, I can go back to work again (I'm going to be in the office more now for meetings & things that Lauren's in school 3 mornings a week) and I will have more free time for seeing my friends. So, let's all get together again soon!!

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steve said...

Congratulations! I'm definitely up for a get-together to celebrate. I'm buying!