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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Laptop Purgatory

IBM is holding the laptop hostage since they say I caused the screen damage and I maintain that I didn't. Honestly, I just picked it up and the screen went out, I didn't do anything to it, but they don't believe me and say I must have slammed it really hard or dropped it. :( So, I've "escalated it to the dispute department" and they will contact me in 5-10 business days. Meanwhile, my dad has loaned me his old one and I'm using it just for email mainly, since I don't have my Adobe Suite installed to do graphics stuff for work. And it doesn't have a built-in card reader so I can't get the pix off of my camera just yet and upload them to the 366 blog. So meanwhile, go there and enjoy the work of the more talented people who are still posting. And if you miss my Lauren pix, then it's time you just come and visit her in person!

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