Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ah, technology! I'm typing this out on my Treo in Selkirk, NY. We arrived safely last night in Albany. (Sort of, my mom got bonked in the head with a suitcase as we were disembarking the plane, and she hurt her head and shoulders. We had to fill out an incident report with the airline.)

Anyway, drove to Aunt Julie & Uncle Andy's last night & Lauren got to play with Cousin Elizabeth, my youngest cousin, who is 12. This morning E took her outside to play in the snow, her first time ever. She loved it except refused, in 29 degree weather, to wear her mittens, so naturally got cold. It was not the right kind of snow for a snowman, and we are heading further south where less white stuff is on the ground, so I fear that might have to wait until next trip.

Okay, wrist tired of pecking keys!


steve said...

Doesn't mom know that the contents of overhead compartments can sometimes shift during flight?

Brighter Schemata said...

should have said it more clearly-someone DROPPED a suitcase on her head. it was a 14 year old girl with a giant bulging suitcase, who couldn't handle the weight and let it slip right onto my mom's head while she was sitting down. mom's okay now but was understandably freaked out when it happened.