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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


i just read siobhan's blog entry about TSA's new website's "extremely useful function"

i went to the TSA website she raved about and got this message several times:

Security Checkpoint Wait Times

The Security Checkpoint Wait Times service is currently unavailable.

Wait time data is currently being refreshed and requires a brief disruption in service.
Please check back in 5 minutes.

TSA is on my shitlist b/c i, like paris hilton i had stuff stolen from TSA employees. in 2002, coming back from aruba through o'hare on my honeymoon, i had a bag stolen with my wallet, digital camera and all of my honeymoon photos. :(

what happened is that since i look like such a terrorist, when i was going through the metal detector, i was pulled aside for secondary screening and they had to wait 10 minutes or so to find a female employee to frisk me. in the 10 minutes that i was separated from my bags, someone made off with them. it took over 2 years from me putting in the claim until when they finally paid me, and in that time, they depreciated the value of everything. i think i got about $200 or so. not enough to buy a new camera, even, let alone the cost of replacing all my ID cards, new wallet, the cash i had in my wallet, etc. and it took OVER 2 YEARS. wah! but the worse of it was losing all of my honeymoon pictures (which luckily were all rated "G" but on someone's honeymoon, you never know the kind of stuff that *could* have been on there if we were into that sort of thing)

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