Monday, February 05, 2007

10 month Lauren observations, 5 days late

Lauren turned 10 months old on Thursday! She's really getting into the toddler phase and leaving the baby phase. She likes to crawl around, pull herself to standing, and explore everything. Her personality is really coming out. She loves going to parties or crowds or even the grocery store. She's got a "type"-men about her grandpa's age. When she sees someone that reminds her of him, she flirts, giggles, waves, does the "hey you" rock star pointing and tries to get their attention. She still loves her reggae music, and she loves being silly, especially at a certain time after dinner and before bed, where she will get the giggles and play little jokes, stealing glasses or pretending to attack us. She thinks the funniest joke on earth is when we tell her she has stinky feet and pretend that the smell is so offensive we are about to pass out.

She is learning to crawl up the stairs because I started putting things there to keep them out of her reach, and she wants to get them. (Such as a pile of our tax paperwork which she wants to chew.) Last night she made it up 5 stairs before she tumbled and started to fall backwards. Since I was right there to catch her, she thought it was hilarious and started a giggle fit as she fell. Usually when she falls, I just tell her "you're okay" and don't make a big deal about it. But her Daddy is more sympathetic. On Friday she fell and bumped her face on the side of one of her toys and cried and when I told her she was okay, she pouted and said "Tell Daddy, tell Daddy". So we called her Dad and as soon as he got on the phone with her, she cried again but then smiled after he talked to her.

She is doing better with eating. She eats the following foods: rice cereal, oatmeal, multi-grain cereal (all organic Good Earth or Gerber baby cereals), these baby food flavors: carrots, banana, apple, green bean/brown rice, spinach/potato, sweet potato, winter squash, "summer vegetable/pasta", pastina (not a big fan yet but she tries it and mostly spits it out and plays with it) and teething biscuits (we call them "cookies" and she really likes them)

She has also had these "real" foods: baked potato, rice, cheerios (actually organic "Oatios" brand. She LOVES them!), plain yogurt (not a big fan), apples (in a feeder, she loves them!), bananas, and carrots (mainly to teethe on), and spaghetti and tomato sauce cut up in tiny pieces.

Her portions are not big yet and she still often gets bored with food easily. The only food she could continually eat, as long as I was willing to give her more, is applesauce. She also uttered the phrase "eat dat" and tried to grab a handful of spaghetti her Grandpa was eating, but she was unsuccessful.

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stud-horse said...

Check out the junk food that Alexa eats at daycare five days a week:

Disgusting. Glad Lauren is getting better eats!