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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hi! So now that I have a new Blogger account I can officially comment on Estaban & Jennamile's blogs and I can post here so you all can stop calling me 5 times a day to ask how I'm feeling when what you really mean is "did you have the baby yet and forget to call me?"

So...what is "Brighter Schemata" anyway? If you plug my name into spell check, it used to change it to that. Now of course, I have added my own name to my spell check list. Alias Daffy, Step-lion, Jewel Randomizer, you get the drift.

So back to how I'm doing, right at this moment. I'm overdue by 2 days, and the little girl will be born when she wants to. I don't feel at all different, she hasn't "dropped" and I don't have any weird symptoms. My family is HOPING I will suddenly get this "nesting instinct" and start cleaning the house, but really, all I've been up to is listing some old stuff on Ebay, baking cookies (is that nesting enough for ya? but really i'd do that anyway if i wasn't pregnant, i love baking!) and probably lavishing too much attention on Jake the Dog. And sleeping more than usual.

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digital janitor said...

Don't let them pressure you into doing any housework. That's f'd up. Relax, take a load off... you work too hard.