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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Boo-boo...and baby dropping

I have been suffering most of the night because I burned my finger frying a quesedilla. :( It was enough to have me thinking I might need an epidural if I can't handle a little boo-boo. I was brave and took the ice pack off after only a few minutes so I could practice dealing with the pain. But I've remembered this about myself-I'm a wuss!

The baby, I was informed at the nurse-midwife visit tonight, has "dropped", is "engaged" and is "in position". Happy news? But I looked it up and according to Dr. Spock, "Also called lightening, engagement may occur for first-time moms days or even weeks before you actually give birth". (italics my own) Nothing icky has happened yet and I've felt no discomfort. Other than the finger! Wah!


jenna! said...

I don't know about "dropped" but "engaged" and "in position" sounds great to me. Then again, I'm not pregnant.

Danikens29 said...

Hi Brigitta, I have been wondering! Sounds good, I will be thinking of you! Can't wait to hear the news!

Lea said...

You are not THAT much of a wuss! You can handle it without the epidural, I know you can!

Megan Fries-Kmiotek said...


Megan Fries-Kmiotek said...

Greatidea about starting this blog. I have debated calling, but didn't want to bother you too much!
I am very excited,and I am sure that things will happen soon. I have heard that eating eggplant helps spur some hormonal actions that speed up the process!