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Friday, March 31, 2006

Don't be an Ann-hog

My husband has accused me of being an Ann-hog for keeping the baby to myself all this time. :)
Man, I miss Arrested Development !

At this point, she's not going to have a March birthday unless there's a fast labor (and I've had no signs of an impending one yet) because there are only 13 hours and 4 minutes left in the day. I've always considered March an unlucky month so I had mixed feelings about having a kid's birthday in this month anyway. There are no holidays in March, it's a long month with 31 days which always seems to stretch on and on. Growing up in ski country, it always meant an end to great snow, and a start to a rainy muddy time when everyone had a cold. Sometimes you get Easter in there but not usually.

Around February, when the baby became "viable" as Doc puts it (the point where if she were born, no medical intervention would be necessary, she's be tinier than usual but healthy), I started thinking about "what if she was born on ___". At that point, she had the possibility of sharing a birthday with me, or one of my numerous Pisces friends (I seem to have mostly friends who are Pisces or Aquarians). Then 3/20 came and she is now going to be an Aries. She also had a shot at sharing a birthday with her paternal Grandpa (3/13), St. Patrick (3/17) Francesca (3/25), Julia (3/27), Angel & Stephanie & Hagop & Barbara's dad (3/31). I am sure there are a few I am forgetting but those are off the top of my head.

Now coming up, we have the possibility of April Fool's Day tomorrow (one of my favorite days of the year! I love practical jokes) but no one will believe us if we give them birth news on that day. Then the next day is Aunt Marguerite's birthday, and Aunt Joan's the day after that. I can't imagine must past 4/3 because it seems too surreal. But the rest of April, Kate and Aunt Patty and Helen and Gabi and Armida all have birthdays. And probably a lot of other people I'm forgetting. So we'll see...

Oh, and for those that aren't related to me or didn't know my family in 1977, you might not know this but my mother was pregnant with my brother for OVER 10 MONTHS. So if his neice is like him, I'd better get comfy in my maternity clothes...

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