Wednesday, July 06, 2011

On the Move! A 7 month William update

It's hard to notice when achievements start for babies. One day they are suddenly doing something they didn't quite master the day before. But I can tell you that sometime in the past few weeks, William has gone from crawling backwards to moving around deliberately exactly where he wants to be. So now we can't plop him in one place anymore and expect him to stay there. He is very proud of himself and his new ability to search for "toys" and amusements. The toys may be my parents' VHS tapes (we just got back from a week at their house) or his sister's art supplies or any ball or round thing he can find.

He's been eating more this past week, after visiting my parents. My mom introduced him to sweet potatoes, carrots, pasta & sauce (a big hit), cheddar (extra sharp, of course)...probably some other foods I am forgetting. Today he had a few licks of my ice cream cone. He loves drinking water and he burst into tears when I filled a cup with some and dumped it on the plants instead of giving it to him.

He looks very serious in the photo above, but it's actually his "tired, ready for nap" expression. His default expression is usually bemused.
A few months ago he went through a very very chatty phase where he was hardly ever silent. I forgot to note when this was, didn't realize it was a phase. But he's more quiet now. But back when we had some plumbing work done in March, our plumber (who also has 2 daughers at Lauren's school) said that he's the chattiest 4 month old he'd ever seen. Then he went through a phase where he would babble "I LOVE you" or Eh wah woo" or something like that , in the back seat. Now he picks single words and throws them out at amusing times. Lauren was going on and on about "who is the greatest brother in the whole wide world? who is the cutest?" and right on cue, he said "BILL!"

Then last week, we were picking out a bedtime chapter book and I asked Lauren if she wanted "Ramona" or "Little Witch". She picked "Little Witch" but William said "RaMONa" and then looked at "Little Witch" and said "bad boo! Bad boo!".

He does call me "Mom" and when he cries he usually says my name. Twice he was said "Da-ee" to his Dad, but mostly he likes to say " a BOO a! a boo, a boo, a boo A". So Lauren insists that her name is now Abooa and he's trying to talk to her. =)
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