Sunday, January 16, 2011

Half Marathon

Here are some pix from the half marathon that came through our neighborhood this morning. Since we were blocked from going south-bound anyway, we walked down to take a look. Some notable sights in the half hour or so that we were there: 2 separate men running barefood (see pic #2 for one of them), a couple running with their Dalmatian (pic #4), and 2 people pushing jogging strollers. My cousin Andrea runs marathons, and Lauren offered to sit in a jogging stroller for her in the next one.

The funniest thing of all, though, was a guy I saw laughing and chatting with cops. To get the background story on this one, you'd have to understand that for weeks, we've had signs informing us that Venice Blvd. would be closed from La Cienega to the beach on 11/16 from 6:00 a.m. until noon. Then if you were on our street, halfway down you'd see a sign "Venice Blvd. closed ahead". Then if you proceeded all the rest of the block to Venice, you'd encouter a parked "Parking Enforcement" car with its lights flashing parked diagonally across the road, yellow tape blocking the road off (see pic #1) and also a motorcycle cop from LAPD in full uniform.

So, now that you have the background, after I saw the guy get led away in handcuffs (still laughing) and his pickup truck get towed away, I ran into our neighbor who'd talked to the cops and gotten the full story. Apparantly the guy drove to the end of the street up to the barricade, rolled down his window down and slurred to the motorcycle cop, "Kin I turn right here?". The cop asked him if he'd had anything to drink (at 8:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning, mind you!) and he said "yeah, only a few". So then he got out and they gave him a field sobriety test which he gigglingly failed.

We're all fine, the drunk guy didn't hit anyone, so we can all laugh at him! And that is what I should have taken a picture of! But you'll have to settle for these. :)
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