Saturday, October 23, 2010

Wrigley update: Almost at the finish line!

Hello from week 38 of pregnancy.  I'm waddling around, wincing quite a bit and feeling like a beached whale. I feel huge, yet there is a dress from when I was pregnant with Lauren, which I remember outgrowing when I was 8 months pregnant then, and it fits me just fine now so I'm not as big as in 2006.  A week and a half ago, when I was at the midwife appointment, I had not "dropped" yet, and with a bellybutton check at Jill's baby shower (Jill is my friend who is due on 10/26), hers was lower than mine and she had dropped.  This past week, our bellybuttons were level again and the nurse-midwife said Wrigley's head is low in my pelvis, sitting right on my bladder.  TMI, but this is why I wake up 5 or 6 times in the night to go to the bathroom. 

Even though his head is low, his legs must be long because he is still able to kick me in the ribs and in fact, is doing that right now as I type.  We are pretty much ready for him, equipment-wise.  Today I got an infant bathtub and Moses basket, washed out the bedding and set it up so that he can sleep in there when I'm downstairs on the couch.  I finally installed the infant seat base in my car, but if the carrier is snapped in, I have the move the seat forward to fit and then *I* can't fit around the steering wheel with my belly!.

I had a panicked hour browsing the car section of Craig's List and checking my (measly) stock portfolio to see what bigger vehicle I could afford.  Really like having a small sedan, don't want to move into SUV or mini-van territory over one eansy weinsy tiny infant, but can't drive crunched up.  Then Jill reminded me, the belly will not be there when the baby is, all will be fine.   So my car can stay...for now...until the broken locks (must lock each one by hand) and the musty smell on the carpet and the shudder when I apply the brakes, and the occasional inopportune times when the key just will not turn in the ignition until I am about to cry out of frustration and then it finally works (easily, as if it had been working properly all along), and all the other little things add up to eventually drive me nuts and then I get a new one.  But nope, I'll probably keep it until something catastrophic happens to it.  So I better figure out the carseat configuration soon!

But back to the giving birth, labor plans, etc. I'm at the point where I am not making social or work meeting plans for the next few weeks because I don't want to be unplanning them.  With Lauren, I didn't feel the first contraction until 12 hours before she was born, then that first one jolted me awake, they came every 5 minutes and I was off to the hospital.  With Wrigs, I have been feeling them all month, but no pattern to it.  So when I think about the birth, I envision lying in bed asleep, then waking up suddenly.  We have this scenario rehearsed.  Our friends Minty & Lawrence are on standby, so we can drop Lauren off at their house on the way out to the hospital.  Then my parents will come up and get her from their house and take her back here.

But if I go to the hospital during the daytime while she's already there, Lauren is going to stay at her school all day through naptime and afternoon class, until my parents can pick her up there.  If it happens this weekend, tomorrow or tonight, Ammy is here and can just watch her.  The thing is, I don't think he'll be born in the next few days because I have felt this exact same way all week and nothing icky has happened yet.  Also, no nesting instinct, which last time I didn't think I had but in retrospect, I was seized with the urge to paint the ceiling of the kitchen, which I don't feel like doing every day!

Anyway, that is the latest and greatest with the Wrigs.  For any interesting news, keep checking this space!

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