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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wrigley update and Lauren quote

First the Lauren quote, from last night:  "I love corn chips!  They  make me smile like a bad wolf!"

And speaking of bad wolves...ok, speaking, as we were not, of her brother...At the last fetal cardiologist appt and OB appointment, they heard NORMAL heartbeats!  So I'm transferred back to the nurse-midwives.  I do see my doctor one more time at the 32 week appointment.  They also tested me for all sorts of rare auto-immune diseases because lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and a bunch of other syndromes can sometimes cause heart rhythm problems in babies.  My tests all came back negative.  I didn't think I had anything wrong, I've been pretty healthy other than the obvious pregnancy stuff, certainly no stiff joints, itchy rashes or whatever other symptoms those diseases express.  But we had a worrisome week anyway, waiting for the results, because the doctor had explained that it was possible I had a rare disease that was in remission but would show up later.  Phew! 

So now that I'm back to "normal pregnant person" status, I'm dreading the glucose test I have to do in 2 weeks.  It wouldn't seem like such a big deal to most people, except I'm not most people!  I'm someone who eats breakfast every day.  And I walk around like a zombie and can't fully function until I do.  So, I'm supposed to not eat breakfast, then conjure up energy somehow to drive to the lab and drink a sugary orange soda, then wait 1 hour, then get my blood drawn.   Don't enjoy skipping breakfast, don't enjoy orange sugary drinks, not fond of laboratory waiting rooms, really hate getting my blood drawn.  Hence the dread.  I was really hoping this would slip through the cracks as I was transferred from my doctor back to the nurse-midwives, they might each assume I had done this.  Nope, thanks to astute chart-reading, they caught it.

I might add, they test me (and every other  patient) for diabetes at every visit.  Yes, TMI coming up, guys, but they make everyone pee in a cup at every visit.  Lauren was fascinated with this, and has been asking me if she could please do it, too, at home.  She even offered to pee in one of her play kitchen cups, so as not to ruin my kitchen ones.  I told her that if she was very lucky, someday her pediatrician might ask her to do it but it was something special you only get to do in the doctor's office.