Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New toy and sibling anticipation

Yesterday I bought something on Craig's List that I have been wanting for awhile.  It's a Valco Hitchhiker, which attaches to the back of a stroller so that Lauren can stand on it and get a ride.  What appealed to me about this particular brand is that it attaches to many strollers, and has a weight limit of 66 pounds.  So for example, the Bugaboo wheeled board has a weight limit of only 40 pounds and attaches only to a Bugaboo.

The nice guy who sold it to me attached it to our Maclaren  for me and showed me how to use it.  It is very easy.  The Maclaren can still fold as usual, because with 2 clicks, the board part detaches, leaving only two smalll attachment pieces that are clipped to the stroller.  I plan to put it on the back of Wrigley's Bugaboo after he's born.  But for now, will keep it on the Maclaren (which he won't use until 6 months).  Last night Lauren got so excited to try it out that we took a walk around the block in it, using one of Ryan's 25 pound free weights in the front of the stroller (it would tip over if you put extra weight on the back without a kid or weight counterbalancing in front).  She had such a good time that she didn't want to come inside, and I had to explain to her that neighbors you meet in the darkness are not as um, chatty, friendly (showered, sober??) as ones you meet in daylight, and it's good to come inside at dusk.

Lauren's startin to get excited about her brother being born, and now this is one more exciting part.  To ride on the back of his stroller like a big kid!  Tomorrow we are testing the Hitchhiker again with a trip to Farmers' Market with our friend Laurel in the front, Lauren riding on back.  If Laurel's handlers will allow it, I may post a photo.  :)

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