Thursday, June 10, 2010

Termite Vacation Recap

We're settling in and unpacking still, from the termite vacation.  Had a nice time at my parents' place.  Here's a Lauren quote:
L:"I have a nice life"
Me: "Aw, I am so glad you think so, I think your life is nice, too!"
L: "No, Mom, you didn't let me finish!  I have a nice LIFEGUARD chair for you!  Right here!  Sit by the pool!"

So besides lots of lounging, here's what else we did:

Tuesday: Trip to Julian to get apple pie and old time candy sticks.

Wednesday: Morning visit to Vickie Lavanty to get mommy-daughter haircuts (not the same style!)  Afternoon visit to our alma mater, UCSD.  Ate lunch at the new remodeled Price Center (remodeled a few years back but it'd been awhile, so new to us!).  The place is *huge*, about 4 times as big as before, at least the food court area is.  And parking seems so cheap compared to UCLA.  $2 bought us 2 hours at a meter.  More than enough time to show Lauren Warren college where we met,  the Old Student Center,  the (sadly, put away for the season) Dr. Seuss illustration collection at the Geisel Library and the Snake Path:

 Thursday: Ryan & I had a lunch date at Spice & Rice where I of course, had their Pud See Ew, and then we walked around downtown La Jolla while Lauren went to the Nature Center in Chula Vista with her Nonna.

Friday: We bought Zoological Society Memberships  to the Wild Animal Park and San Diego Zoo.  We used the code "Join8" to get $10 off the dual membership (if you want to get one, just google "discount code San Diego zoo membership" to see the latest codes), so for $89 total for me and Ryan and $29 for Lauren, we can all go all year, which means it paid for itself if we just go to each place once.  That day, we went to the zoo, where Lauren's favorite parts were the moveable walkway and the flamingos ("my favorite color!") and I liked seeing the koals, and Ryan enjoyed the pandas. Lauren napped in the car on the way home, which gave her extra energy in the evening.  So we went to the 9:00 show of Legend of Nightfire at Viejas Outlets, which Lauren liked a lot and wanted to go back and see again the next night, but she was too tired.

Saturday: Lauren & I spent 5 hours shopping, again at Viejas Outlets, where she got me to buy her 5 outfits at OshKosh B'Gosh, shoes at Famous Footwear, and a "ponies shirt" and beach towel with "Lauren" on it at the Ralph Lauren store.  We also ate at Rubios and visited the fountain.  I was going to let her run in the fountain but she wanted to take off all of her clothes and streak through it, which wasn't exactly what I had in mind.  After we got back, she did a fashion show for Poppy and D-Daddio and declared "I just love shopping!  It's so RELAXING!"  (Yes, darling, especially when it's  someone else's money!)

Sunday: We went strawberry picking with Poppy (who doesn't like/is possibly even allergic to? strawberries) at the farm stand across the freeway from Viejas, and then made a strawberry lemonade stand (per Lauren's begging) which turned into Lauren "selling" the lemonade to Poppy, and Bob and Trudy, the next door neighbors, for fifty cents a glass, and attempting to sell it to Nonna for fourteen dollars!  Then, we packed and drove home, where Lauren kept me entertained on the 2 1/2 hour ride, until 9:30 on the dot, when she promptly conked out exactly at bedtime. 

At the end of the trip, Lauren confided to me that she hoped the termites would eat our whole condo, so we could keep living at Nonna and Poppy's, all together in one house.


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Love this post! Sounds like your termite vacation was great, and the quotes from Lauren are hilarious. Hope that the termites *didn't* actually eat your whole condo, though. :)