Tuesday, June 15, 2010

19 week Musings on Kid #2

This is likely to be my last pregnancy.  Between the 12 pound weight loss, nausea and food aversions making these 9 months feel like 9 years, and the lack of space and money for a 3rd kid, yup, we're pretty sure this is it.  I feel bad for Lauren that she's not going to get a sister but it could be worse, I could go and have her another little brother after this!

With Lauren, things in that pregnancy seemed magical that now seem annoying.  Little baby kicks were cute and now they feel like...interuptions.  I'll be almost asleep and if Wrigley doesn't like the way I'm positioned, he will "urge" me to flip sides.  It's hard to get used to not sleeping on my back, it feels the most natural thing to go to bed that way, but if I do, he won't rest until I'm on my side.  The other day, I went to pick up Lauren and carry her on my belly and that was NOT okay with him, he gave a big giant kick that actually made me put her down right away.

The food aversions are the weirdest part, though, because I didn't have them so strongly with Lauren.  With her, I couldn't eat onions and lots of garlic and the smells of them cooking made me gag.  With Wrigley, I can't have ANY dairy-milk, cheese, butter, etc.  If I do, I will feel okay while eating it but later will get sick.  So I've gone mostly vegan, but eggs are just fine.  As long as I'm not the one cooking them, and if I am, they're repulsive.  I also can't eat any citrus foods such as OJ, tomatoes, etc.  and no sweet food or chocolate.  I like how it smells, though!  Walking into a bakery is fun, not repulsive, I just don't enjoy it when it's in my mouth, it's as if someone screwed up the recipe and put vinegar in it or something.

But back to the 12 pounds, I don't know where it came off because I now have the big belly, which 2 weeks ago was measuring the size of a 21 week pregnancy.  The nurse-midwive said she wasn't worried because it was not my first pregnancy.   They still sent me to a nutritionist who told me I need to be getting an additional 500 calories or so per day, take a calcium supplement, and to gain 1 pound per week from now on.  I certainly don't look thinner elsewhere, I feel about the same, not more fit or anything, but I must have had a really fat big toe or something which dropped 12 pounds!

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Fluffy Pink Duck said...

The food aversions sound miserable, I hope they pass before the pregnancy is over. I felt sick for almost the whole of my pregnancy and it was miserable although I never threw up so you have my utmost sympathy.

Wrigley sounds like a very determined baby, it will be fascinating to see if he's like that when he's born.

I read somewhere with second babies + the belly pops out early and large but by 26 weeks there is no real difference between a first time mum and second time mums.