Tuesday, March 02, 2010

American Girl


Lately Lauren's been really into "American" things and yesterday when she saw this dress at The Children's Place, she said "ooh, it is just my style" so Ryan bought it for her with the matching headband. Then when we got home, she insisted on putting it on right away, twirling around in it, and calling my parents to tell them all about it. She's going to wear it for class pictures tomorrow, and again at her birthday, Fourth of July...

She loves the "American Girl Doll" books and didn't know until recently, about the dolls that came with them, and the store and the lifestyle. She's been past the store but thinks it's some kind of museum. Recently she realized that the company sells dolls to go with the books and she says "I might like to start a whole COLLECTION of them for Christmas!" (I think I would rather collect hundred dollar bills instead of spending $300 a pop on the dolls)
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