Friday, December 07, 2007

Baby, penguin, cookies! (or "What Lauren Wants for Christmas"

What Lauren wants for Christmas: babydoll, penguins, cookies.

What Lauren is getting for Christmas: penguins of various shapes & sizes from practically everyone she's ever met.

A doll from me, which she has seen before and was there when I bought. We explained that the doll will live in the closet until Christmas morning.

A plasma car, in yellow. She played on one at the toystore and liked it, plus I read that adults up to 220 pounds can even play on it. You'll all be fighting for a turn.

Elmo slippers, which have to be exchanged for a bigger size ecause they were purchased when she was a size 6 shoe, and she is now a 7 or 7.5W depending on the shoe. Yikes!

Stocking stuffers:
Boo-Buny Ice Pack, which she really could have used today when she fell on the pavement and got a giant goose-egg on her forehead!
Cat beany baby, (the closest she'll come to a real cat since Ryan's very allergic)
New toothbrush. She loves to brush her teeth but has been gnawing at the old one
Freeze dried strawberries. She eats these things like candy and since she doesn't know what candy is yet...

Well, that's what she's gotten so far. She told Santa at first that she wanted "baby, penguins", but the second time she saw him, she added in "cookies". Not sure if she wants them, or if she was reminding him that she paid attention when he told her to leave out a plate of cookies. Either way, she'll get some Christmas cookies, too!

I have to say, she's been easier on us this Christmas than I was on my parents at her age when I asked for brown skin!

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jenna! said...

I'm so in line for a turn on that little car. Lauren is still shorter than me. I can take her.