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Saturday, December 01, 2007

20 month Lauren update

Lauren's giggling her way through life and making lots of jokes along the way. Yesterday she came up with a new one: "Nonnon? Yes yes!" and she still has great comic timing, calling Jake "Newman" and shaking her finger at him when he's naughty.

She's got a big giant stye in her eye, which worries us more than it does her. We have been to the pediatrician 3 times about it, and my optometrist once, and finally convinced her ped. to give us a referral to an ophthalmologist. We got the first available appointment, which is not until the end of the month. Meanwhile, she is stuck with this red, swollen eyelid. Oh, and I didn't mention, it's not a stye, our optometrist told us that styes go away in about 2 weeks, this is something else.

Anyway, that aside, Lauren's been pretty healthy this month. Which I hesitate to type because it will jinx her good health for December!

She likes to go around the house naming the person who owns various objects. "Mommy's!", she'll triumphantly exclaim. Sometimes, though, she'll insist something is Papa's, even if it's not. Any suitcase she sees must belong to her grandfather, and she will correct you if you say otherwise.

Our friend Barbara just had a baby (congrats on Baby Thomas!) and Lauren went to the hospital with me to visit them. Thomas's big sister Sophia is Lauren's little buddy. Ever since the visit, Lauren will pat my stomach and say "baby? please? baby?". Not going to happen for a few years!

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