Monday, March 05, 2007

11 month Lauren update, 4 days late

Lauren's taking her afternoon "map" as I write this. She's alternating between one long nap a day and two shorter ones. Sometimes she seems like such a "big girl", but other times she cries for barely any reason, reminding me that she is still a baby.

This morning she made a joke. She found her Mary Jane shoes and put them on her hands, then raced to the top of the stairs, giggling the whole time. At the top, she moved her hands with the shoes on them as if they were feet and declared "walk!" and then rolled around laughing at herself.

Last night Alexa came over to play with her and they had a grand old time. Alexa's now 1 1/2 and I was impressed at how well she understands me. I said things to her like "drop the ball here" for one of Lauren's toys and she looked at me and did it. Lauren still plays with toys her own way, which may include chewing on them or carrying them around or using them to pull herself up on. They took turns playing with toys and pushed each other around on the bike, which used to be Alexa's until she nicely gave it to Lauren.

About 2 weeks ago she went to the doctor and at that point, weighed 25 1/2 pounds. This is at the top of the charts or possibly above the line for weight. (They didn't measure her height this time.) She still doesn't like food much. Lately the past few days, all she is interested in is nursing, and will only eat a few bites of food, and then only if she is sitting on my lap, not in her seat. Then she will try to grab the spoon and smear it in her hair, or she'll spit it out across the room. She will still eat Oatios and lately, tiny bits of bread. She tried pears and hated them, looking horrified as if I had tried to poison her. I hate pears, too, so I see where she gets it from. She will eat small amounts of oatmeal in the morning, but only if I mix some of my milk in, which is hard to find time to do, since she has been nursing every last drop she can get out of me, so not much left to pump out.

She's very cute, of course, and she surprises us with the things that make her giggle. When Jake growls, barks, and tries to get attention, she laughs uproariously and claps her hands. Today she did that and also sighed happily, "Ah, my Jakey!". She has put together a few sentences like "Grandpa get book". Oh and note "Grandpa", she's no longer calling him "Gee". She calls her Nonnon "Na na na" and when the phone rings she looks at it hopefully and says "Na na na? Daddy?".

When groups of people come over she becomes a clingy koala cub and likes to stay on her perch on Mama's hip, except if Mona is here. Mona is like a second mother to her, and she will put out her arms to go to her. She even said "Mona" on Saturday but I didn't hear it. She'd been practicing for awhile with "Mmmm, mmmmm," and then give up. I knew she would get the word soon because it's close to Mama and Na na na. She also loves Barbara, who is little Sophia's mom, but she doesn't see Barbara very often since they live across town.

Our neighbor gave us her old jogging stroller and we put her in it yesterday. She was okay for awhile but then fussed and made me carry her the rest of the way home. Ryan was with me and didn't want to walk fast, so I think I will try walking fast or running with her in it next time to see how she likes it. She loves the feel of wind in her hair and she craves anything daredevilish like being suspended high in the air or going fast on her little bike, so I think she'll like this when she gets used to it. She also likes new experiences and new people and gets bored if she's home too much without seeing new fans that tell her how cute she is.

The other aspect of her personality that is really coming through is her joie de vivre and and sense of humor. She usually looks like someone at a comedy club waiting for the punchline, and it doesn't take much to get a giggle out of her. She's very ticklish, too. Three things that will get a laugh out of her every time: telling her she has stinky feet and waving your hand in front of your nose while looking disgusted (she waves her hand in front of her nose, too) or nibbling her toes, playing peekaboo, and wearing one of her hats or putting it on someone else.

She now has 10 teeth and still chews everything she can get her hands on. She was stealing the remotes so much that i finally took the batteries out of one from our old DVD player (which also works with the new DVD player but we used as a spare) and I let her have that one. I don't give it to her, though, I let her find it so she thinks she's getting away with something. She still chews her books and the best loved ones have the most chewed spines. Favorites these days are still anything by Sandra Boynton (new book we got her: Doggies) , "My Truck is Stuck", "Bears in Pairs"and some lift-flap books. The problem is, she tries to grab the books now and will look at them herself, but upside down, and won't give them back for me to turn the pages.

This morning in the bathtub, she started singing "la la la la la" and making up her own tune. She's never done that before.

She gives very sweet baby kisses and only sometimes bites, but if she is not in the mood to give a kiss, she will turn her head away and reject the person who asked, so if you do get one, it's genuine love.

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